Stream: Peaks - Age

I’m crashing hard on some post-mediterranean blues and this lush track from Irish / Australian duo Age is seriously not helping.

Gentling lapping at my mind like warm waves, Peaks has some gently echoing percussion and an ethereal melody that gives this a serious mediterranean feel. Add the male / female vocal interplay of duo Gavin Dwight and Jen Cosgrave and you get something utterly heartbreaking.

The emotional feel of this record fits perfectly with the subject matter, as Dwight describes it:

“We wrote ‘Peaks’ at a time when we could see a lot of people around us crossing over the line of what's safe and not taking care of themselves. We live in a place and a city where it's too easy to do. It's a love song to those people.”

The pair have been recording in bedroom sessions in London’s Clapton and nighttime shifts at the Tileyard studios. With co-production support from mixing engineer Russ Fawcus (Wild Beasts, Noah and the Whale) and mastering from Mandy Parnell (Jamie XX, The Knife) Age have unveiled this new single, due for release on 14 July. They are currently working on their debut EP.